What are we offering?

We are offering a stress-free commercial maintenance contract with flexible terms. The maintenance contract is designed to deal with all day-to-day maintenance problems, as they occur.

Who will this service benefit?

✔ Companies not employing full-time maintenance staff.

✔ Companies whose premises are often visited by customers, where it’s essential that appearances are in good order (estate agent’s offices, shops in general, bars, restaurants etc.).

✔ Companies that want to minimise their spending on maintenance repairs and cut down on the number of different trades-people attending their premises.

How will you benefit?

✔ You will save money. By paying one month in advance for a suitable tariff you will reduce the cost of each call-out significantly.

✔ By making proactive provision for your maintenance requirements on a monthly basis, you can control your cash flow with more accuracy whilst reducing the risk of unforeseen expenditure.

✔ You will save time trying to arrange for different contractors to attend your premises – simply email your orders or call our booking line for all your maintenance requirements.

✔ You can leave the booking of work to your staff without worrying about them incurring unnecessary charges.

✔ Fast response times – our contract clients get priority.

How much will you save?

You will save a minimum of 30% on one-hour call-outs. We will be able to assess your potential requirements and will suggest a monthly price based on this. Because every business is different in size, structure and focus, each arrangement will be individually tailored to your needs.